My story about becoming a designer

I started using Photoshop in the 8th grade, and I really enjoyed using the adobe products, as well as exploring my creativity with different media types. First I started making signatures and eventually moved myself up to Web Design & Development. I figured being a Web Designer would be more profitable rather than doing graphic images on a daily basis.

To expand my Photoshop techniques, i designed attire for characters in video games. Creating materials like camouflage patterns and realistic textures, helped me utilize a lot of the tools in Photoshop. After exploring video games, I decided to take a different approach and study Web Design & Development.

Bachelor of Fine Arts

I received my Bachelors degree in Web Design & Interactive Media at an Art Institute. I studied four years of web & graphic design and several types of other canvases, to help express my creativity and expand on other techniques. I was a high asset for the school, as I tutored and worked in the admissions department. After completing my classes i graduated in December 2010 with high honors and six awards between Student Art Show competitions and my college education.


Skill sets that I have acquired in my career

Project Plan

How I approach projects for B2B & B2C clients


Companies I have worked with and provided quality web services