Best Auto Salon is a company that specializes in ceramic coating and detailing services for automotive vehicles. The client requested a one-page design to explain their business services, processes, and warranties to potential customers. As part of the design process, I also re-designed the logo to be more clean and readable for digital and clothing products. The new design showcases the high-quality work and professionalism of the service, and helps them attract and retain customers in the highly competitive automotive industry.


Frameworks and applications used for in-house projects


The original logo provided by our client was in need of a re-design and illustration to improve its formality and color scheme



Full page website

Showcasing the new look and feel with logo

New design and concept

Website features a menu system that allow users to easily navigate to different sections of the page and contact information for the shop, which makes it easy for new clients to get in touch and inquire about their services.