As a Front-End developer

I was responsible for designing and implementing the user interface and user experience for several marketplaces. I worked closely with a team of designers, developers, and other stakeholders using the Scrum framework to ensure that our projects were completed on time and to the highest possible standards. In my role, I was also responsible for coordinating with a wide variety of team members to ensure that all aspects of the project were integrated seamlessly.


Frameworks and applications used for in-house projects

Logo Re-Design

As a team effort we created a new color scheme, font type and slogan for a new business identity

1999 – 2014

2015 – Present

ADMIN Dashboard

Back-End dashboard for managing products for multiple marketplaces

Administrative platform

That helps businesses manage multiple marketplaces. My role was to ensure that the platform was easy to use and provided the necessary functionality to effectively administrate multiple marketplaces.

website Re-Brand

The corporate site new design and development

The new brand design

Was used across multiple projects, including business websites, newsletters, one pagers, and the overall desktop and mobile experience. 



Developed to enhance marketing, sales, and data-driven processes include personalization, segmentation, customer relationship management (CRM), predictive analytics, and omnichannel marketing

Outlook Email Manager

Designed an Outlook plugin to help customers route emails to the appropriate sales team representatives. This tool also tracks email activity to gather user data and improve our understanding of customer behavior.

Translation Integration

“We integrated translatable content across several languages, which helped us sell more products to a diverse customer base. This allowed us to reach a wider audience and cater to the specific needs and preferences of different ethnic groups.

Multi E-Commerce Marketplaces

We developed a new e-commerce platform for marketplaces that allow bidding and selling of assets. Our platform enables sellers to manage multiple bids and offers, and provides a streamlined and user-friendly experience for buyers.