As the first in-house Full Stack Developer

I was responsible for developing multiple solutions using C# .Net and SQL in an agile environment. My work focused on improving the home buyer experience, as well as providing efficient content workflows for the marketing team. I used my expertise in C# .Net and SQL to design and implement solutions that delivered tangible benefits for the business and its customers.


In-house projects used the following frameworks and applications:


To streamline marketing site workflows and daily content updates, I developed an in-house content management system


  • Developed a custom logo and naming scheme to establish a unique platform identity and support business initiatives
  • Created a new brand and user interface using C# and .Net
  • Implemented a custom wysiwyg editor using Froala for text and image management
  • Enabled user access roles and page permissions to ensure security and control
  • Supported CRUD operations and form validation to ensure data integrity and user convenience
  • Designed custom responsive templates for all page types and corporate web pages
  • Generated custom dynamic friendly URLs for SEO and tracking purposes

website Re-Brand

New design and development for the corporate website

As part of the website redesign initiative, I was responsible for constructing the site branding, navigation, and site search optimization. I also created user workflows and worked on the back-end to improve the home buyer experience


Key features that where also developed to enhance marketing sales and data driven processes

Dynamic XML Feeds

I developed data-driven RSS feeds from various internal databases, which were used to promote marketing sales and provide up-to-date data for cross-platform use.

Sales Force Integration

The CRM and engagement services provide integrated dynamic user forms for marketing automation, analytics, and lead generation.

Service Workers

Developed service worker applications to efficiently process and populate feeds for popular real estate marketplaces, such as BDX, Realtor, and Zillow.

Google Maps API

Implemented data-driven map views to accurately render neighborhoods and product coordinates from the web admin.

proven results

Since 2018, the corporate website has seen a steady increase in the number of yearly web sessions. Indicating more users are visiting the website




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Before my development efforts, the web and admin interfaces were in need of major improvements

Room for improvements

The original website concept was plagued by various challenges, such as poor navigation, inconsistent branding, inadequate search engine optimization, and inefficient content management.