Fantasy Factory Performance

Located in Maryland, this motorsport performance shop offers advanced technology and skilled technicians specializing in engine building, tuning, suspension, and custom exhaust systems.


A motor, capturing the intricate details of its mechanical components and design

My Impact


Every great brand starts with a memorable logo, and that is precisely the project began. The client, a high-end performance shop specializing in automotive modifications, needed a logo that would not only represent their brand but also convey the essence of speed, precision, and innovation. A powerful logo and physical branding materials are essential, but in reality a robust online presence is equally crucial.





The frontend of the website features a high-level search and navigation system that allows users to easily find and access the product they need

A mega menu displaying an extensive selection of card brands and models, providing an easy way for users to navigate through the options.
Homepage design for a car modification business, showcasing a detailed pricing structure, a variety of car models, and an array of offered services.
A mockup of a user-friendly website interface, featuring a sidebar for category navigation and a main content area displaying a range of products.
Displaying a detailed list of products available under the product manifest, categorized for easy navigation.

Graphic Design

The new logo was implemented for the mechanic shop’s branding, marketing materials, and clothing attire.

Photograph of the shop building, prominently featuring the shop's vibrant banner that displays its brand identity.
Photograph of a Chevy SS parked in front of the shop, with the shop's banner logo prominently displayed on the building in the background, setting the scene for a car enthusiast's ideal shopping destination.
A logo representing the brand identity.