Liquidity Services

A dynamic force and a global pioneer in revolutionizing the reverse supply chain industry contributing positively to environmental sustainability.

Employed on 2014 - 2018
The Reverse Supply Ship Port acts as a vital hub, facilitating the efficient and environmentally conscious flow of resources back into the production cycle.


Starting my career as a Front End Developer, I was soon recognized for my talents and skills and ascended to the role of a Senior UI/UX Developer. I had the privilege of working in concert with a richly diverse team of skilled designers, adept software engineers, and other significant stakeholders. We leveraged the efficient Scrum framework, fostering a focused and collaborative environment to accomplish our project objectives in a timely manner, never compromising on the quality.





In a collective endeavor, our team developed a fresh color palette, typography, and tagline, shaping a unique brand identity for the new business venture.

Logo representing the pre-existing brand identity that has been in use for 15 years, showcasing the longevity and recognition associated with the established logo design.

1999 – 2014

Thumbnail image of the Liquidity Services logo, representing the brand identity and recognition associated with the company's services in the online marketplace.

2015 – Present


Embodying a harmonious blend of sophistication, elegance, and intuitive interaction, this website mockup presents a sleek digital interface that seamlessly navigates the complex worlds of supply chain operations and digital marketplaces
Corporate interior page for Biopharmaceuticals, providing information and insights into the company's history, mission, values, team members, facilities, and other pertinent details related to its operations in the pharmaceutical industry.
External email newsletter designed to provide updates, news, and valuable content to subscribers in an engaging and informative manner.



is an online marketplace that allows construction equipment professionals to both discover and purchase the highest quality and reasonably priced equipment, attachments, parts and accessories.
Alternate category search to showcase another user experience in displaying categories


Andrew joined us to bring web development in-house, and last week we rolled out the newest (and best!) version of Our website is fantastic, and Andrew’s efforts to dramatically improve how it works on mobile phones are simply awesome. Our new website platform should enable our digital marketing results to soar ever higher!

Steve Alloy, President, CEO ~@Stanley Martin Homes

I've had the pleasure of working with Andrew over the past three years and have always been impressed by his abilities. He excelled in the area of web design UI/UX and brought knowledge, creativity and versatility to every project. I could trust that whatever he worked on would be well thought out and executed.

Omar Bilal, Sr. Graphic Designer ~@Liquidity Services

Andrew's time at Liquidity was marked by numerous branding activities, launches, and redesigns of our many e-commerce marketplaces and properties. His work was timely, as requested, and his efforts flexible in the face of a fast-moving and lean-running strategy. I would recommend Andrew, whether as a consultant or as a member of an in-house development staff.

David Emerson, Vice President, Deputy CISO ~@Liquidity Services

Andrew is a bundle of creative energy and fresh ideas that get reflected in his work. Besides he is a wonderful human being who listens to others and brings novelty in his work. It is a great joy to work with him. He is very talented web designer and consistently delivers good quality work. He takes time to listen and understand requirements and uses his creativity to develop a good quality output.

Sandeep Dommeti, Sr. Net Developer ~@Liquidity Services
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