Stanley Martin Homes

A residential construction company that specializes in building new homes in the United States. The company was founded in 1966 and is headquartered in Reston, Virginia.

Employed on 2018 - Present
A tastefully decorated room featuring contemporary furniture and a modern kitchen setup, characterized by sleek designs and a sophisticated aesthetic.


As the first in-house Full Stack Developer, I spearheaded the development of numerous initiatives, including the foundational build of our Corporate Website and an Administrative Portal, both critical to streamlining daily operations for the Marketing division. Beyond these, I furnished advanced technical support for web development challenges, and pioneered the creation of innovative web-based and micro-service solutions, instrumental in driving key business functions.





The Challenge

Full page of the vintage corporate website reflecting the design aesthetics and features of an earlier era while highlighting the company's services and information.
Previous community page design that was created before re-design


A full webpage design displaying various aspects of a homebuilding company, including details about their services across different states and career opportunities, featured prominently on the homepage.
A detailed overview of a neighborhood featured on a real estate company's website. The page includes prominent highlights of the local area, such as notable schools and homes available for immediate occupancy. Visual elements may include maps, photographs of the neighborhood, and icons representing key amenities.
Showcasing a selection of move-in ready homes available for sale, presented by a real estate company. The page features high-quality images of various houses, along with detailed descriptions, prices, and key features such as number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Icons or bullet points highlight amenities like nearby schools, parks, and public transport options.


Home Model Kiosk

Providing details and recommendations about attractions, amenities, and points of interest located near a specific location or property.
Site map displayed on a kiosk, providing a visual representation of the website's structure and navigation, allowing users to easily locate and access different sections and pages.
A selection for Single Family & Multi Home categories to preview avaialable homes