Stanley Martin Homes

A residential construction company that specializes in building new homes in the United States. The company was founded in 1966 and is headquartered in Reston, Virginia.


A tastefully decorated room featuring contemporary furniture and a modern kitchen setup, characterized by sleek designs and a sophisticated aesthetic.

My Impact


As the first in-house Full Stack Developer, I spearheaded the development of numerous initiatives, including the foundational build of our Corporate Website and an Administrative Portal, both critical to streamlining daily operations for the Marketing division. Beyond these, I furnished advanced technical support for web development challenges, and pioneered the creation of innovative web-based and micro-service solutions, instrumental in driving key business functions.




The Challenge

Before I came on board in 2018, the appearance of both the front end and the back end was as follows.

Showcasing the old design and layout of an earlier iteration of the corporate site main visual element.
Full page of the vintage corporate website reflecting the design aesthetics and features of an earlier era while highlighting the company's services and information.
Image of the previous admin responsible for managing home design products, overseeing the product catalog, updates, and maintenance to ensure an organized and appealing selection.
Previous admin forms featuring basic form elements and fields.


As part of the website redesign initiative, I developed and designed a new corporate site that emphasized site branding, navigation, and site search optimization.

Front cover image of the corporate homepage, guiding the user in their journey to find a new home by location.
A full webpage design displaying various aspects of a homebuilding company, including details about their services across different states and career opportunities, featured prominently on the homepage.
Landing page featuring a user-friendly search interface, allowing users to search for homes based on location and specific specifications, such as number of bedrooms, price range, and amenities.
Webpage focusing on mortgage payment calculations, providing tools and information to help users estimate their mortgage payments based on loan amount, interest rate, and loan term.


To promote and streamline marketing workflows for daily content updates, I developed an in-house content management system using c#, sql and bootstrap.

Image banner showcasing the admin interface, prominently featuring the logo of the platform, representing the powerful and user-friendly administrative capabilities of the system.
Homepage of the web admin panel for the homebuilder and corporate site maintenance, providing access to various administrative tools, settings, and features for managing and updating the website efficiently.
Admin interface for maintaining metro area content, enabling administrators to update and manage information related to metropolitan regions, ensuring accurate and up-to-date content for users.
Web admin interface displaying a table view of move-in ready homes, presenting a comprehensive overview of available properties with relevant details.




Built and designed the intranet that orchestrates communication across all departments.

Intranet homepage for news, announcements and recourses
Intranet serving as a central hub for various sub-sites related to different aspects of home construction, design, project management, and collaboration.
This team site is a dedicated resource designed to assist internal users in understanding the utilization of SharePoint and implementing best practices in cybersecurity.
A visual representation illustrating the integration of various departments into the new SharePoint experience, showcasing comprehensive understanding.

Proven Results

Since 2018, the corporate website has seen a steady increase in the number of yearly web sessions. Indicating more users are visiting the website